Unbound Visual Arts has most of its interpretative exhibitions on-line. As new exhibitions are installed, they are placed on-line as well.  Click on the title or image of your choice to enjoy the exhibition. The original artwork in these exhibitions can be purchased using a PayPal account or Credit Card. A PayPal account is not required.

Payment can also be made by check. Send a check to Unbound Visual Arts, 10 Guest St., Suite 295, Brighton, MA 02135. Be sure to add the Massachusetts sales tax of 6 1/4 percent to the price of the artwork, unless the sales tax is already included in the price.  If you need assistance in calculating the amount, please contact us at or 617.657.4278.

After payment is received, we'll contact you regarding pick-up. Shipment can also be arranged for an additional fee. If you need assistance in determining how to best display or hang your painting, we can help with that too. Paintings make great gifts for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and holidays. All of these works of art were created in Massachusetts.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a possible purchase contact us at or 617-657-4278.


Click on a thumbnail image below to start shopping. 

Once you click on an image, you can then choose the art from that exhibition.  If you click on a specific artwork, you are brought to the sales page. If you click again, you'll get a zoom view of your chosen artwork.




Mission Statement

UVA is a local non-profit art organization that enriches the community with educational and inspiring exhibitions and programs.

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Latest Curatorial Statement

  • Temptation of the Mind and Body

  • You see a chocolate cake at your friend’s birthday party and try to resist taking a piece. You cave in and it was gratifying to do so until you realize how many calories it has. You feel guilty, but why? We live in a culture of temptation with hedonistic values and yet we are expected to resist. Continue reading »

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